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Cooperation with us

If you do not cooperate with us and have already decided that your products should “dress up officially” so as to obtain the best possible place in the market, the best thing to do is to start a tour in our web page.  Our wide range of products and many special products we have produced for special and exacting customers, are reflecting our job.  We respect every customer and his products as if he is our best customer. Your success is our success too.

If you are not a member or one of our customers you must ask for a username & password so as to navigate through the products and see their technical drawings.  Only this way you can print the technical drawing of the jar or bottle you are interested in.  With a simple "click" you can add the products you are interested in to your favorites list, so that the next time you will visit our website you won't have to search them again.

Also if you are interested to be sent you an offer, just fill in the required quantity of your favorite products and with a simple "click" we will be informed about your needs.
Our sales department will contact  you immediately.

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