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Our company's range of products apart from bottles and jars, also includes many other products. Consequently, we have the opportunity to provide full service to our customers.

Some  of  these  products  are:

- T.O.  caps  for  jars,  P.P.  caps  with  or  without  flow  regulator,  cork  caps,  various  plastic  caps  for  bottles  and  jars  for different  products.

- Glasses  of  any  type  and  use,  with  printing  possibility  for  your  company's  promotion  and  advertisement purposes.

Soon,  at  our provided services will be included:

- The  possibility  of  sleeve’s  setting  in  small  jars  and  bottles  quantities

- The  representation  of  sleeve’s  setting  machines

- The  disposal  of  various  bottles  and  jars  in  small  packages (dozen, twenty etc), suitable  for  the  retail trade  and  for  producers  or  bottlers,  whο will be able to find those packages in retail shops  in their  area.

- The  creation  of  a  new  creative  team  in  the  company,  that  in  cooperation  with  the  clients, will design and  create  the  most  new  glass  packages  for  the  new  or  the  already  known  products, so  that  our clients will be able to achieve uniqueness  and  differentiation to a large extent to cope with the  intense  competitive  market.

In  the  greek  market , nowadays,  there  is an abundance  of  successful  glass  packages  designed  from  the  “Apikyan  SA”.

  -Plastic  crates  of  any  type  for  any  package  use  and  food  process.

The  high  level  of  services,  the  huge  variety  of  products  and  the  immediate  correspondence  to  the  desires  and  needs  of  our  clients  have  as a result  a  confident  relationship  with  leading  companies  of  the  brand.

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